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Ward Timber Frames, located in scenic New Hampshire, are cut by a father and son team with over 31 years experience and have been erected in 27 states including California and Alaska. They are handcrafted Mortise and Tenon joinery held together with 1-inch (diameter) oak pegs.

Our timber frames may be cut from Oak, Pine, Fir, or Hemlock. The timbers are milled, sanded and oiled or stained prior to shipment. We offer several styles of knee braces to choose from, including our popular curved brace, which adds elegance and displays the pride we take in our workmanship. Choose from timbers that are planed smooth or textured to resemble a hand hewn old world look. Work with us to design your own frame or choose from the many frame styles and sizes we have available. Custom frame design is also available.

Book now for spring delivery! We will cut and store your frame this winter for delivery next year.

Learn How: Are you interested in learning how to timber frame? Come stay & work with us on your frame and learn a time honored handcrafted tradition of excellence.

Pricing: Pricing varies greatly depending on size, style, and wood type. Please call us for pricing. Price includes cost of the timbers, milling, cutting the joinery, sanding, oiling, and erection of the frame on your prepared site. Deposits are required prior to ordering timbers for your frame.

Not included: Forklift or crane for unloading frame upon delivery, on-site electrical power supply, 2x4's for bracing, a crane at time of erection to lift timbers, cost of shipping & handling of frame from my site to yours, travel and lodging expenses for a 2-man crew, engineering stamps, building permits and any other legal documents required by any legal entity.

Shipping: We will arrange the shipping for you, but the cost of shipping is NOT included in the price.


 Contact us in order to recieve a beautiful house such as this!

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